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Operation Innocence has partnered with Darkness to Light to provide the Stewards of Children child sex abuse prevention training. Taught by a trained facilitator, you’ll meet survivors who lived through child sexual abuse, experienced its immediate and long-term effects, and ultimately were able to find healing. You’ll meet experts who work with children and families and confront abuse on a daily basis. Lastly, you’ll learn the five steps you can take to protect the children in your life.



No one wants to imagine that sexual abuse can happen to their child, but child sexual abuse does not discriminate by ethnicity, geography or socioeconomic standards. All children can be at risk. Our communities must demand the safety of children and speak out against child sexual abuse. It starts with you. Use your voice to speak out against child sex abuse and take the pledge today.


For every 1 adult trained, it's estimated 10 children are saved. You can help create safer homes for children by donating just $15 today. The Stewards of Children training is an evidence-informed course that influences community behavior and change. This course provides trainings that are approved for accredited continuing education hours for different professionals, including educators, nurses, social workers, counselors, law enforcement, and more.

Operation Innocence is currently applying for its official 501c3 and a grant through the state of California. Please check back for the status of this application.



In 2018, the media began reporting on a startling revelation: the military was failing to protect victims of child sex abuse. "Reports of assaults and rapes among kids on military bases often die on the desks of prosecutors, even when an attacker confesses. Other cases don’t make it that far because criminal investigators shelve them..." That is why Operation Innocence is pledging to bring awareness and training to the more than 850 U.S. military bases around the world. Contact us to find out how you can help!

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Meet Sgt. BARK! The friendly mascot of Operation Innocence. Coming soon, Sgt. Bark will provide age-appropriate safety tips for kids in the form of a YouTube series, coloring books and live in person!

Order a Sgt. BARK coloring book by sending us a message under "contact."

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