Be the mentor you needed when you were younger...

As a survivor of child sex abuse, I try to live by these words every day. But especially even more so now that I've learned this epidemic had reached into my home. What began as a way to find healing and hope, became a journey to be the voice for those who could not speak out and defend themselves.

As a survivor and mom to a survivor, I now teach child sexual abuse prevention classes, as well as how to talk to your kids about child sex abuse. I speak at local schools about healthy body image and self-esteem, and work with children on an age-appropriate level so they can be in charge of their own bodies.


As a military spouse to an active duty Marine and as a former active duty Airman myself, I know how often military children move around and how vulnerable they are. Children rarely report child sex abuse and when they go through such major life changes, such as constant moves and family members being deployed, it can be even more difficult for them to tell an adult about what is happening to them.

Often, children feel responsible for the abuse and are afraid of what will happen if they do tell.

That's why I've launched Operation Innocence and have made it my goal to provide free training to military families and to help communities pass legislation that will ensure no other child continues to be abused while adults look the other way.

Every April, we wear blue ribbons to bring awareness to child abuse and teal ribbons to bring awareness to sexual assault. I've created the camo blue and teal ribbon to signify the child sex abuse that is happening to 1 in 10 children. 

Please join me in fighting the largest health epidemic our children are facing.

Every $5, every $1 would help!

Thank you for doing your part to protect our children. 

Elizabeth Peace,

President & Executive Director

Operation Innocence

Operation Innocence ribbon and words hor